Pattern Masterclass with Mosaique Surface


Showcasing over 30 different mosaic patterns, offered in virtually 100 all-natural rocks, 16 colours of Venetian glass and numerous steel inlay options, the French Quarter Collection is by far the most sophisticated and also most significant collection Mosaïque Surface area has produced until now.

The French Quarter Collection comes together in four stories, all motivated by the sweetness of the south as well as lux interiors that as soon as were.

American Bistro serves a preference of modern-day vs traditional fare transpired into ageless trendsetting mosaic patterns, all steaming from century-old dining establishment floors and tabletop linens from a few of America’s many impressive dining establishments.

On the waterfront, dancing wavelets supply a sense of calmness as well as blissfulness. Watery patterns, with a cautious product project and also bespoke style, are stimulated via the Gulf’s Shores.

While famous ironwork adorns the roads of the French Quarter, Architectural Preservation pays tribute to the artistic, contextual, and also essential values of the French Quarter’s social heritage.

Ultimately, walk through the Yard Area on a Sunday mid-day as well as relish the several of America’s best-preserved historical mansions. All beautifully adorned with a plethora of blossoms as well as yards, sufficient to enhance any house, old or new.

Regarding Mosaïque Surface

Regarding Mosaïque Surface

Given that it was found in 1992, Mosaïque Surface area has concentrated on customised stone mosaics and recognised in the appearing industry as a layout-oriented business. They supply high-grade mosaic items for both the industrial as well as property markets. Their vast array of styles, materials and finishes are unmatched in the sector. They are often viewed as the leader within the mosaic industry in layout and quality of implementation.

Ice by ReceR

Ice Ceramic
Source: edilportale

A collection of ceramic flooring and wall surface tiles influenced by glaciers: pure, straightforward as well as minimal, like ice. The carpet comes through in white, with light shiny touches (available in off-white, grey and black). The finish stands apart for the matt colours that punctuate the hints of gloss in the floor covering, or for the gentle alleviation that reproduces the sheets typical of icebergs.

Traditional Hua Trees by Sian Zeng

Traditional Hua Trees

Sian Zheng’s most preferred array for a factor, this wallpaper fits any wall surface size, is less expensive than custom murals and sheds none of the picture quality. Repainted by using Chinese inks in a non-traditional style, Sian’s Hua Trees mural is a reflection of her European as well as Chinese cultural heritage. The different tonal high qualities in this wallpaper artwork create a feeling of distance and also the area, supplying complex information on an outstanding scale.

Mind The Space Waldore Emerald by Lagoon

Mind The Space Waldore Emerald

In marble marquetry design, this wallpaper made in Transylvania from FSC grade wallpaper substratum generated from sustainable taken care of the forest. The inks are odourless, with a high sturdiness being accredited to comply with the Nordic Swan Environmental Requirement.

Velina Pink-Peony by Olenka Design

Velina Pink-Peony

The elaborate flower theme with the soft feminine colour combination creates tranquillity, beautiful state of mind in space. And also although it did not produce by a youngsters’ style, Velina Pink-Peony will certainly look beautiful in a lady’s room. The pattern was motivated by traditional Russian Khokhloma individual art, which was then given a fresh appearance by utilising the contemporary colour scheme.

Wisteria in Noir Black Floral by Woodchip as well as Magnolia

Wisteria in Noir Black Floral

This unique wallpaper held no description, highlighting only one customer’s prose: “I just truly understood how beautiful wisteria was when we acquired a residence along a river a few years ago. The wisteria came out in May as well as it was the most charming thing I ever saw. To be able to put it in wallpaper or a piece of fabric is a dream.

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